Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Does it takes time and effort to generate residual income ?

The answer is yes.

In 2016, the now era you have to start from somewhere especially if you are not familiar with network field in order to get positive results.. It might take you a day or might take you 4 months! But if you stick to the plan and target you can make it.
 One of the steps for that matter is to generate leads or potential future clientele to follow up after submission on your provided form. So..

"Show me how do you do that?" - If you asked me then look carefully ;)

Let's say you have a "home based business" to share an offer and you want everyone to know that offer: 
"Home Based Position" - 
'By advertising and promoting On-Line from home on social media and other platforms which will give you the opportunity to generate from $500+ on weekly basis your residual income and get paid EVERY FRIDAY.'

Well, was it hard ? 
And the answer to that is short and simple - Easy ! :)

 One of my best partners for that reason is "Jot Form" act like "CaptCha" page, which does exactly that  - the way I want it.
Leads, Leads and more Leads !!!
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As you can tell here is the Example on how this form may look:
- Name, Number, Email address ... etc.

- Up to 400 different Widgets(hopefully you knows what widgets are), 
plenty Payment forms like Pay Pal & and some other Elements associated with your needs.

- Cool background features and designed shapes all there for you to choose.
- Share with many Platforms and more to choose from...

Do you have skills to build sophisticated FORM ?

- 11,648 Templates for your desire... choose FOR FREE up to 5 forms with 100 FREE SUBMISSIONS. Need more ?? Don't worry they got you Covered !!